Incident Response Plan

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An incident response plan ensures that in the event of a security breach, the right personnel and procedures are in place to effectively deal with a threat. Having an incident response plan in place ensures that a structured investigation can take place to provide a targeted response to contain and remediate the threat.

It is crucial a business has an incident response plan so that under the pressure of an incident the correct decisions can be made to bring the situation back under control.

A cybersecurity incident can be a very daunting situation, if the response is not conducted in an orchestrated manner then the potential outcome could result in severe damage to a brand’s reputation. A sufficient incident response plan offers a course of action for all significant incidents.

Some incidents lead to massive network or data breaches that can impact your organization for days or even months. When a significant disruption occurs, your organization needs a thorough, detailed incident response plan to help IT staff stop, contain, and control the incident quickly.

For physical disruptors, such as natural disasters and flooding, create a disaster recovery plan. An incident recovery team is a group of people assigned to implement the incident response plan. Generally, these are members of the IT staff who collect, preserve and analyze incident-related data. Your IT staff may need to work with lawyers and communications experts to make sure that legal obligations are met. To protect your network and data against major damage, you need to replicate and store your data in a remote location.

Prioritize their backup, and note their locations. During a security breach or a natural disaster, some locations or processes may be inaccessible. In either case, the top priority is employee safety. Help ensure their safety and limit business downtime by enabling them to work remotely. Update it when you have new equipment or systems that need to be considered or just if you haven’t made any changes to it for a while.

The Incident Response Plan template is designed in a cool color scheme. This template contains four professional slides. You can use this template when preparing an emergency response plan. For example, you can prepare a plan of action in case of a cyber-attack or virus infection of your employees’ computers. Occupational safety professionals can also use this template. For example, in the event of a gas leak, employees must turn off the gas supply, ventilate the area and called rescuers.

You can also use this template to prepare a memo for drivers transporting dangerous goods. For example, drivers who deliver liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen must work in a special uniform, have gaiters, a helmet and goggles. The slides of this template can be used by university educators who train lifeguards. The Incident Response Plan template can be customized to suit your corporate requirements.