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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

If you are a teacher or professor looking for a creative presentation or will present on an education-related topic, then the perfect presentation that will brighten up your audience is the Creative Idea Bulb. Developed for creative inventors and decision-makers, this bulb template consists of four uniquely composed slides. This template is especially for business and innovation use due to its editable properties. Whether you work in the Industrial Sector, in a Research Institute or a Manufacturing Firm, it can help you effectively propose your business ideas while providing a simple platform for the clients to understand your perspective.

The first slide consists of a bulb figure, divided into 4 different parts. With sections for explaining the market value, growth and efficiency, and trade cycle along with a description box on the left. This slide will be useful in preparing a sales analysis of existing products and a new product that will combine all the best properties of old products. For example, this slide can be used by team leaders when discussing proposals to increase the efficiency of a new software product and its potential sales market. The second slide is also similar to the first one however drawn in the form of a market-supply chain. With its one of kind infographics and alluring presentation, it is to better explain the key principles which hold the business chain firmly held. You can use this slide when presenting your bright new idea – where you can describe the potential benefit to users, the originality and simplicity of the solution. This slide will be useful for startups, software developers and research institutes. Also, this slide can be used by team leaders when preparing their innovative idea to reduce part processing time or reduce scrap. The third slide is a simple design, consisting of three sections of a build specifically used for represting professional support, business growth and fast response with dialogue boxes alongside. You can use it when preparing an advertising campaign for a new product. Describing the creativity and innovativeness of approaches to creating a product. This slide can also be used by business coaches when preparing their courses on motivation and personal growth.  The fourth slide remains composed of 4-part bulb figure with sections for explaining Creativity, Maps, Help, and tools in your business presentation. Using the infographic on this slide, you can give a short description of the main features of your new product. Also designers can use this slide when preparing their portfolio. University professors can also use this slide when preparing their courses on industrial creativity.

Light Bulb Diagram Template is designed in a modern style and uses unique infographics to prepare your presentations. All slides are made in vibrant colors, highlighting your ideas and innovations as new and high-tech. This template can be used by HR managers in their work when preparing a story of outstanding employee performance. For example, you can indicate what improvement or innovation this employee made while working for your company. You can change the color and size of fonts, the size, and position of infographics and blocks. These steps will help you prepare your slides according to your corporate style. This template will primarily be useful for startups and investment companies, development managers, and marketers.