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It’s easy to think that user stories are just software requirements, but they’re not. When carrying out user story mapping, the right user story template tells a story about behaviors, intent, outcomes and more. By understanding and framing your user, your team will be more likely to succeed in building a product, service or solution that meets customer demand.

This user story template includes six dynamic designs for you to write simple user story sentences, using the standard statement, “As a [stakeholder], I want to [task], so that [desired result].” Each user story block includes acceptance criteria, business value, user points and user value. Now you can effectively describe the why and what behind the day-to-day work of your software development team.

Our professionally designed user story template can also be customized to meet your unique customer personas, needs and business purpose. Use this eye-catching template to present to product development teams, design teams, business intelligence teams and more.