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By now, most marketers recognize that social media plays an integral role in an effective inbound marketing strategy. And with so many social networks to manage and publish on, it’s important to stay organized and have a plan for when and what you’re going to share on these platforms. How can this problem be solved? We offer a simple yet highly productive Social Media Calendar Template.

Our template has a calendar that will be an indispensable assistant for any marketer or social media engagement specialist. It will help you plan your publications for several months. You will definitely not miss a single planned event. The second slide provides an opportunity to describe the main events that you have planned for the next month. The third slide can be used to plan the events for the month and describe the strategy and goals for those events. The last slide combines calendar and visual presentation of data on a chart. This slide will definitely be in demand by everyone involved in planning.

The cool colors of the template lend it rigor. The template looks very professional and modern. By combining slides with each other, you can easily achieve the result you want and surprise your audience with a structured presentation of information. This template can also be used to explain the principles of time management. Social Media Calendar Template is suitable for both executives and professionals in the field of marketing and planning expenses or company resources.