Evolution Powerpoint

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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

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We live in a world where the development process never stops. Fierce competition between companies forces managers to come up with more and more new methods of marketing products. Software developer, engineers and designers are constantly improving products and creating new technologies. The evolutionary process forces people to constantly learn new technologies and put them into practice. Visualization of the development process flow helps to better understand the cause and effect relationships between development objects, to see potentially attractive product characteristics and to abandon product characteristics that did not meet customer expectations. The development of new products or technologies requires a simple visual representation for investors who do not always understand the subtleties and do not have deep knowledge in a particular area of ​​production. It is to solve this problem that you can use a presentation with a process of consistent product improvement.

Evolution powerpoint template consists of four slides, which are made taking into account the latest design trends. The first slide of the template represents the line of human development from a monkey to a high-tech robot. Each type corresponds to a certain level of planning and data organization. You can use this template to explain the new technology to potential investors and visually visualize the striking differences between the old product models and your proposed startup. This slide can also be used in preparing a personal growth course. The next slide presents a smaller number of models, but has additional fields for a more detailed description of the characteristics of each model. Salespeople can use this slide when comparing different packages for a client. For example, you can visualize the increase in product characteristics from the base model to the premium model. The third slide is presented in blocks with four different stages. You can use this slide when planning your strategy. Also, this slide can be used by specialists of the advertising department when building a report on the promotion of goods through various advertising channels. The slide will also be useful for department heads when distributing work among department employees. The last slide can be used when preparing a presentation of the company to investors. You can indicate the strategy, mission and vision of the company. This slide can also be used by HR professionals to report on an employee’s outstanding achievement.

Evolution powerpoint template will complement your collection of presentation templates and take its rightful place in it. If necessary, you can independently change the size, color and position of the blocks. The template will be useful for company leaders when building a company’s development strategy. The template has modern tools necessary to build a professional presentation. Also, this template can be used by heads of startups and investment companies. Business trainers and educators will also be able to incorporate some of these slides into their courses. Product owner and development team leaders can use slides in this template to show the software development process, showing visual improvements with each end of the weekly sprint.