Industry Analysis

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Workers and managers in industries are usually required to present and audit report of the finances over a specific time period of the work rate’s progress and other such matters. The power point’s free template of industry analysis with a wide range of designs and flexibility in customization makes this task really easy for the presenters. You can use the industry analysis template to show the loss and profit ratios overtime, revenues comparison, worker’s salary comparison, work output rates, etc. Among the most useful industry analysis templates are the Bar graphs, Pie charts, ring charts, line graphs, meter graphs, and various other charts to pick one according to your needs. 

These templates come in a variety of colors and themes and are completely edit-friendly. You can add, cut, paste, copy, duplicate, replace, interchange, or even remove a portion from the templates if you do need it. Moreover, adding texts and pictures for further clarity of the audience is even more easy than before if you want to do so. You can also change colors and add sub-titles too.