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Professional consulting or consultancy services are becoming more important and thought provoking every day. The need for consulting is increasing all over the business world with more and more companies leaning on consultants to help solve their most urgent challenges. From the viewpoint of management, consultancy or consulting process can be defined or explained in such a way that it would help the other spheres of human activities too like education, health care, engineering, etc. The consulting proposal consists of several main stages. Description of the consultation process, comparison of current indicators with planned ones, determination of the company’s position in the market, key indicators and goals, process roadmap. These are the stages that the Consulting Proposal Template includes.

To immediately attract the attention of the client, you must provide a clear plan of action. The first slide describes this plan in detail. Baseline and alignment, design and projections, solutions, and business are the main points of the plan. The slide can also be used in making proposal plans. For example, a business plan or an action plan to reduce costs. Highlighting the red color of past processes helps the audience amplify the negative impact of these processes on the business. On the other hand, actions are presented to improve these processes in the future. Green color adds confidence in the correctness of these decisions. This slide is great for describing positive and negative factors. For example, when describing the factors that affect the increase in profit and its decrease. A slide can be included when describing a new product, indicating the disadvantages of the old one and the advantages of the new one. Can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in SWOT analysis. Strategic goals always consist of tactical goals. On this slide, you can specify these goals, describe the KPIs, and indicate the progress status of each tactical goal. This information is very important for the investor, client, or your team. The roadmap consists of an analysis of the problems, proposals for solving this problem, and the implementation of proposals. The roadmap slide can be applied in almost all business presentations. If your action plan is presented in the form of a roadmap, then the people who will implement these changes will make fewer mistakes and spend less time achieving the set goal.

The main colors of this template are red and green. The template is built around presenting negative factors and comparing them to problem solving. Nice infographics, soft colors, and comfortable fonts make this template a real document worthy of professionals. This template can be used by employees of any department of the company. The template will be convenient for each manager to provide his suggestions for improving the work of the department. This template has a clear slide structure. Even a beginner can quickly and easily enter all the necessary information and end up with an excellent consulting proposal. Specialists from different departments of the company will appreciate the Consulting Proposal Template.