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Testimonials give customers confidence in your product. They can resolve a customer’s primary concerns, make them feel good about contacting you, and solidify their decision to buy. What your testimonials do for your business depends mainly on how they’re presented. 

A testimonial is a customer’s endorsement of your business. It shows approval and support for the product, service, or experience you provide. Some testimonials are short, with just a sentence or two showing the customer’s approval. Other testimonials are longer, with detailed descriptions, pictures, and videos. Both of these types of testimonials, and those in between, can be valuable, depending on how you use them.

Testimonials are important to build trust in your business and help move leads down the sales funnel. Testimonials can also increase revenue by turning more leads into customers. 

Testimonials that win over customers have a few things in common. When you know what makes a great testimonial, you can ask questions and provide prompts that will help to steer your customers in the right direction.

Great testimonials will succeed in at least one of the following – addresses a common concern or doubt a new customer might have about the product or service, shows the best use of the product or service and the advantages a customer can expect, demonstrates the competitive advantages or best aspects of the product or service, shows which customers the product or service is ideal for, describes a special experience the product or service provides.

Product testimonials are ideal for overcoming objections or hesitations a potential buyer might have. Placing these testimonials on the product page or a similar landing page can help to ease the conversion process. Product testimonials for a high-priced product that requires a lot of customer consideration should be longer and more thorough. In comparison, product testimonials for lower-priced products requiring less consideration should be shorter.

Service testimonials are very similar to product testimonials. These testimonials are ideal for describing what you do while also resolving a potential customer’s objections and giving them confidence in your business. Just like with product testimonials, if your service is relatively low-cost, it is better to have numerous, shorter testimonials or reviews.

This template can be used by advertising professionals when preparing a report on an advertising campaign. You can use the slides of this template when presenting customer reviews of your new product.

Also, this template will be useful for software developers and sites. You can prepare an example of customer testimonials and how they will be displayed on the site or in the application. Business trainers can use the slides from this template to prepare advertisements for courses or webinars.

Testimonial Template is a professional and modern template that contains four stylish and fully editable slides. If necessary, you can change all the elements of the slide in accordance with your corporate requirements. This template will be useful for business leaders, marketers and startups. Testimonial Template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.