Skills Gap Analysis

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A skills gap analysis is a tool used to assess the difference between the actual state and a future, goal state. Organizations use it to identify the skills that an individual employee needs but doesn’t necessarily have yet to carry out their job or to perform certain tasks effectively. For HR, the skills gap analysis is a way to find out which skills and knowledge are lacking among the employees in the organization. Once they have this information, HR can address the skills gap in the organization. This can be done through upskilling, reskilling, L&D investment decisions, succession planning, and so on. Before you get to the redesigning of jobs it is important to know what skills and knowledge are currently missing in your workforce and which of those skills are essential for your organization’s performance. These are five reasons why conducting a skills gap analysis is useful. It gives you insights into your entire workforce. You will be able to identify which employees have the most knowledge of particular aspects of the business, as well as employees with skill gaps. It boosts individual learning and development. Individual employees will be able to find out what improvements they will have to make to acquire or improve the skills and competencies needed to perform as good as possible in their role. It will help you with your strategic workforce planning. It can improve your recruitment efforts. It is a lot easier to recruit good people if you can identify candidates whose skills better match those needed to function effectively in a particular role. It creates a competitive advantage. If you combine all of the above, you will be able to create a competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competition. You will know the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce. You will be able to plan ahead in terms of learning and development and recruitment and hence optimize your organization’s performance.

Skills Gap Analysis Template contains stylish and modern slides with beautiful infographics. Template slides contain all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. For example, you can use stylish pie charts to display data for each of the core competencies for a specific job. This will help you determine the overall suitability of the employee for the position and make a plan to improve some of the competencies through training. This template will be primarily useful for HR managers. Also, this template can be used by heads of departments when preparing a plan for conducting trainings and courses for employees of their department. Team leaders can use this template when planning a new team for a project. For example, you can select the specialists most suitable for a given project, depending on their qualifications and work experience. Startups can also introduce their team using some of the slides from this template. All slides in the template are made in a bright color scheme and contain a large number of infographics, graphs, tables and pie charts.