Risk Assessment

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Risk assessments are an absolute requirement under health and safety legislation and failure to conduct them is an offense. Risk assessments are designed to ensure employers have adequately considered the things that can go wrong in the workplace and should take into account people, premises, plant, procedures. The risk assessments should follow five simple steps – identify the hazards, decide who might be harmed and how evaluate the risks and decide on precautions, record your findings and implement them, review your assessment and update if necessary. Assessments should be done by a competent person or team of individuals who have a good working knowledge of the situation being studied. Include either on the team or as sources of information, the supervisors and workers who work with the process under review as these individuals are the most familiar with the operation. The Risk Assessment Template is ideal for preparing your risk assessment presentation.

The first slide template is very informative and presents a table in which you can categorize workflows according to their likelihood and impact on the process. The slide color scheme allows you to highlight risks depending on their category. For example, green is the lowest risk, red is the highest hazard. The second slide allows you to divide risks into categories and assign them values ​​from 1 to 12. This is very convenient when visualizing a large number of workflows. Occupational health and safety staff and shop managers will appreciate the power of these slides. The third slide allows you to display data on risks in the form of a log of non-standard situations. The date when the risk occurred, its brief description, category, measures are taken, and the start of elimination work is displayed here. If you change the structure of this table, then you can easily use this slide to account for any business processes of the company. For example, the dates of customer visits by company managers. The last slide provides an opportunity to display the consequences of risks depending on their level. For example, marketers can use this slide to analyze customer responses about a competitor’s product quality. HR managers can use this slide when submitting survey data.

This template is made with the dominance of green and red colors. It is these colors that represent the likelihood of occurrence and the level of risk. You can change the font sizes and the arrangement of the blocks yourself. The slides will harmoniously complement your reports on the company’s financial risks or investment risks. Also, these slides can be used when displaying the due dates of tasks and, in case of an increase in the due dates for the completion of work, assign tasks a level of risk. Hopefully, your presentation will be mostly green and you will be able to minimize the emergence of risks in your enterprise. Occupational safety and health workers must use the Risk Assessment Template in their work.