Configuration Management Plan

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The main aim of a Configuration Management Plan is to record and educate project partners about the configuration management within a project, including which tools will be utilized and how they will be implemented. The configuration management plan outlines how the Program Manager and systems engineer can handle software documentation and the programme context in terms of technical, practical, and allocation. That aside, the plan also describes how the project manager and systems engineer can retain oversight of programme documents and benchmarks. To ensure correct practices are implemented, the configuration management plan could be revised regularly to incorporate improvements in policies, rules, legislation, and best-practices.

The configuration management plan specifies the framework and methods of the project which includes identifying and creating the basis for configuration items.  It also provides information on the release and alteration control of the project aside from reporting and tracking the state of configuration items, including the requested changes. It could also ensure that the items are complete, reliable, and correct and the last thing includes the control of the preparation, handling, and distribution of the items.

Effective configuration management involves the practice of processing system changes systematically with the primary intent of updating the system while maintaining system integrity. 

Systems frequently require adjustments, modifications, and updates to their existing hardware, software and documentation components. These changes are typically associated with a change involving a system configuration item. 

Because of the dynamic, extensive, and potential widespread impact a configuration change may have on an existing system, it is mandatory that the new configuration procedures be based on a firm plan. For this purpose, a configuration management plan is often used as a vehicle to create, implement and document configuration changes.

A configuration management plan puts the project configuration into writing and gives the project team direction when advancing through the project. As we can see, configuration management is an important aspect of a product and planning is one of the key steps underlying this. 

This template will be useful for IT companies when preparing business processes. You can use the slides in this template when preparing work instructions for programmers. For example, you can describe in detail the necessary actions for each stage of software development.

Team leaders can use the slides in this template in weekly sprints. You can prepare information about the progress of the development of the application and discuss with the product owner. Project managers can use this template when managing various company projects. University professors can use this template when preparing courses on project management or system configuration management plan.

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