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A genogram is a family map or history that uses special symbols to describe relationships, major events, and the dynamics of a family over multiple generations. Conventional family trees might have names and relationships listed next to images or within shapes, however, these types of family trees can often be deprived of a lot of information. Genograms contain a wealth of information on the families represented. First, they contain basic data found in family trees such as the name, gender, date of birth, and date of death of each individual. Additional data may include education, occupation, major life events, chronic illnesses, social behaviours, nature of family relationships, emotional relationships, and social relationships. Some genograms also include information on disorders running in the family such as alcoholism, depression, diseases, alliances, and living situations. Genograms can vary significantly because there is no limitation as to what type of data can be included. Think of it as an extremely detailed family tree. To begin a genogram, you will need to interview family members first. Then, you can use standard genogram symbols to create a diagram that documents your family’s specialized history. It can also be used to identify repetitive patterns of behaviour and to recognize hereditary tendencies. A genogram is created with simple symbols representing the gender, with various lines to illustrate family relationships. A Genogram uses a square for males and a circle for female family members. Similarly, the way symbols are represented in a Genogram explains whether children are twins, adopted or are listed with their biological parents. Genograms are now used by various groups of people in a variety of fields such as medicine, psychology, social work, genetic research, education, and youth work to name but a few. Most social work practitioners in personal and family therapy use genograms alongside sociograms for personal records and to explain family dynamics to their client.

Genogram Template contains four professional slides. The first slide of this template gives you an opportunity to represent your family’s relationships. You can post photos of each family member and indicate their relationship with each other. The second slide will be useful for specialists who are building genogram. You can use this slide when preparing a presentation about your services to clients. You can also use this slide to provide an explanation of all the basic symbols used to build a genogram. The slides of this template will be useful for healthcare professionals in identifying hereditary diseases and pathologies. Also, this slide will be useful for history educators in showing the relationship between European kings and queens. Also, this template will be useful for psychologists in their daily work with patients. If necessary, you can independently change the size and location of blocks, colour and type of fonts. Genogram Template has all the necessary tools to build a professional presentation and will be a worthy addition to your presentation collection.