New Employee Orientation

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4 Slides
File size: 16:9
Fonts: Lato, Calibri
Supported version
PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

Employee orientation gives new employees on board the background and resources they need when starting with your company.

This Employee orientation PowerPoint template is intended for presentation to all new employees to help them acquaint themselves with the company’s culture and values.

The first slide contains a centered fan icon which is a metaphor for all the company’s facets and how they all work together. Each color-coded blade in the fan icon is arrow-mapped to an editable text placeholder area.

The presenter can use the second slide to inform the new employees of company’s vision and a snapshot of the company’s 6-year plan.

Subsequent slides can be used to emphasizes the need for joint workflow and continuous organization across the company so as to enhance productivity while growing the company’s manpower.

All the slides in the employee orientation template are 100% editable and customizable. Color, text and icons can be modified to meet user requirements.

Suitable for giving employee orientation presentations to new employees. Ideal for use by team leaders, and HR team leaders. 

The employee orientation template can be used in any industry to give PowerPoint presentations that will familiarise new employees with the new company they have joined.