Subway Mind Map

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Use a mind map to organize complex ideas and see the bigger picture! They are very effective tools because they allow you to visually organize information, show hierarchy and create relationships between individual factors. Mind maps are often used for planning, presenting data, brainstorming, and more. You can use them when scheduling sequential and parallel processes. Also, this technique can be used by software developers when working on one application of several teams.

Subway Mind Map template follows modern design and has all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. The first slide of the template is made in the form of several blocks that are connected in the center. This template will be useful when developing an action plan for creating a site that is being developed by several web developers in parallel. The use of this slide during weekly meetings will allow you to understand the overall task of the project and the stages of their work. Also, this slide will be useful in the work of construction organizations when planning the actions of several contractors and suppliers of materials. The second slide can be used in providing the resources that are needed to complete the project. This slide will be useful for investment companies and startups. For example, you can specify what human resources, the amount of equipment, building materials and more you need to build a new warehouse complex. The next slide consists of several intersecting lines, a text box, and a graphic. This slide can be used by project managers in their daily work. For example, they can prepare a project work plan, which can include parallel and sequential activities. The project manager will be able to easily control the timing of the project and, if necessary, reallocate his available resources. This slide fully provides this opportunity. Also, logistics or purchasing managers can use this slide when planning the supply of raw materials from different suppliers for the production of the company. For example, you can use it when calculating the beginning of deliveries and the end of purchases, coordinating the arrival of raw materials from different suppliers at the same time. The last slide is made in the form of a regular metro map. You can specify company goals instead of stations, and then detail the steps that need to be taken to achieve them. The slide also provides the ability to use multiple charts to show the progress of a project. Highlighting each individual target in color shows their mutual influence at the point of intersection of the lines.

Available in four design variations, this mind map takes a unique subway approach — with “stops” on every thought process and idea. It can incorporate words, images and numbers. The template is color-coded with statistical call-outs, text descriptions, bar charts and iconography. The organizational flow mirrors a metro map that builds association between concepts, processes and results. For teams in operations, finance, marketing, procurement, technology and finance, this is the ideal format for uncovering the “big why” and providing a viable solution for issues. Generate more ideas, find association between topics and find the missing links. This template’s slides will complement your new planning presentations and redesign your weekly reports.