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The role of project management often falls to people who did not set out to be project managers. These people are hard-working, organized, and simply good at their jobs. It is sometimes quite a leap to go from scheduling your own work to scheduling everything for an entire project. As you might imagine, a project schedule contains more than your average weekly planner notes. Project scheduling involves creating a document, these days usually a digital document, that details the project timeline and the organizational resources required to complete each task. The project schedule must be accessible to every team member. Its purpose is to communicate critical information to the team, so it must be comprehensive and easy to understand. Quite often Planning and Project scheduling are used interchangeably but they have different roles in the successful completion of a project. On a higher level, the project plan is the master blueprint while the project schedule details the specific tasks. Planning primarily involves selecting the appropriate policies, methodologies, and procedures required to deliver the project on time. Scheduling, on the other hand, converts the plans, scope, and cost into an operational timeline. Project scheduling is important since it plays an effective role in project success. The following are some of the advantages if you properly create your project schedule. Project scheduling, when done well, makes the entire project run more smoothly. Committing to the project scheduling process at the beginning of your project will give you a clear picture of the requirements set before you. It also gives you the chance to catch issues early and alert clients if a timeline isn’t feasible. Besides being good for you as the project manager, project scheduling is good for your team. Everyone knows what to expect and when. Everyone is being held accountable for the same due dates. Other managers can allocate resources efficiently for your project, and they’ll be able to anticipate when resources will be available for other projects. The project scheduling process can be broken down into eight manageable steps – Plan schedule management, Define the project activities, Determine dependencies, Sequence activities, Estimate resources, Estimate durations, Develop the project schedule, Monitor and control.

The Project Schedule template consists of four slides, each of which has all the necessary tools to build a Project Schedule. This template will primarily be useful to project managers. You can use this template in your daily work. Template slides allow you to display project tasks in sequential and parallel form. Some slides give you the opportunity to summarize the goals for each task. The slides in this template will also be useful for team leaders and department leaders when setting tasks for their employees. Also, this template can be used by logistics and purchasing managers. For example, you can display a schedule for the delivery of various raw materials to production. All slides of the Project Schedule template will harmoniously complement your collection of professional presentations.