Triangle Puzzle Template

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4 Slides
File size: 16:9
Fonts: Lato Black, Calibri
Supported version
PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

Use this simple yet sophisticated jigsaw puzzle diagram to make a positive impression on your audience. This PowerPoint template is often used to show the interconnectivity of teams, processes, operations and efficiencies. You can also use this template to show duties assigned to each team, roles and responsibilities. The three-piece, four-piece and nine-piece puzzle formats can show hierarchy or communicate topics like business solutions and global strategies.

Available in four design formats, the single equilateral triangle comes in different colors, unique icons and data highlights. This template is color-coded and can be edited to highlight interlocking themes. All icons, colors and borders are completely customizable as per your convenience and needs. Ideal for all industries and functions, think of this triangle puzzle template as the blueprint for communicating organizational change, development and business relationships.