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Data visualizations give businesses a valuable way to communicate important information at a glance, but what if your raw data is text-based? If you want a stunning visualization format to highlight important textual data points, using a word cloud can make dull data sizzle and immediately convey crucial information.

A word cloud is a collection, or cluster, of words depicted in different sizes. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it’s mentioned within a given text and the more important it is. In the right setting, word cloud visualizations are a powerful tool.

Making a word cloud for your website or business isn’t difficult, but there are some important considerations that need to be made so your visualization is more than just eye-candy. While word clouds can be incredible tools for data visualization, it’s important to understand how to use them the right way.

Find your silver lining in the cloud. This PowerPoint template is the best presentation for visual learners and audiences with short attention spans. Ideal for marketers, strategy professionals, media analysts, advertisers and digital and technology consultants, this template is editable and customizable to match your brand aesthetic.

This template can be used by marketers when preparing a marketing campaign. You can conduct a survey of customers about their attitude towards the company or product. After that, you identify the most repeating categories and create your tag cloud. The slides in this template will help you visualize your analysis and present your data in a way that is accessible to your audience.

Also, this template can be used by SEO specialists when preparing their recommendations for website promotion. You can analyze the main requests of customers when searching for a product. After that, prepare the most popular queries and include them in the site code to optimize indexing.

Advertising professionals can use this template when preparing an advertising campaign for a well-known author or bookstore. The presence of a large number of phrases of different sizes will cause the audience to associate with literature. Also, this template will be useful for university teachers.

Startup executives can use this template when preparing their concept for a product promotion or developing a new service. This template can also be used by team leaders when discussing a client’s project and conducting brainstorming sessions.

A great visual tool for presenters, this template has a clean white background, introductory text and a widespread word cloud that comes in different shapes and sizes. Experiment with each of the four layouts, change colors, and simply add the words that matter most to you and your target audience. This template includes one word cloud that’s shaped like a light bulb to show off your great ideas.

Use this template to reveal the results of research, communicate customer feedback, market trends and emerging technologies. If it’s a topic that’s cut through the noise, this is the template for you.

Word Cloud PowerPoint Template contains all the tools you need to prepare a professional presentation. If necessary, you can change the color and position of the infographics to suit your corporate requirements. This template will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.