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A quote is a literal excerpt from a text or a repetition of the saying of someone from famous people. It can be just a couple of words or several sentences at once. And it serves to reinforce their own statements, giving them special significance. The term quotation itself came to us from the Latin language. Literally translated, the word “citata” means to set in motion, to move. Interestingly, this term was originally used in jurisprudence as proof of correctness. But in literature it began to be used around the 20s of the 19th century, after which the word quotation got into various reference books and dictionaries as a literal excerpt from the text. When using quotations in the text, you can use both direct speech and indirect speech. By the way, quotes are often used by Internet users, for example, when writing statuses on social networks. The main rule of any quote is that it has a well-defined author. True, using this or that expression, we may not remember or not know at all who first uttered it. Sources of quotations can be excerpts from the works of famous writers and poets, statements of historical figures, statements of famous people, many catch phrases are borrowed from the Scriptures, replicas of heroes of feature films. Phrases must be used verbatim. And if in colloquial speech a slight distortion is still allowed, then when writing the order of words and even punctuation marks should be exactly the same as that of the original source. The use of quotes in writing or in everyday speech serves several purposes. First, it can give more weight to your judgments. After all, it turns out that you and one of the greats have a similar point of view. Secondly, it speaks about your intellectual level and knowledge. The main thing is not to overdo it with quotations and do not sprinkle one catch phrase after another. Otherwise, there is a great risk of turning from an interesting interlocutor into a well-read bore.

Quote Template will be useful for marketers when preparing advertising campaigns. You can use quotes from famous people who will fit the description of the advertised product. Also, this template can be used by university teachers and business coaches when preparing their courses. The slides from this template can be used when preparing a quiz among company employees. For example, you can write several quotes and ask which celebrity this statement belongs to. This template can also be used by journalists when interviewing famous people. The template can also be useful for public relations professionals when campaigning for candidates. All slides in this template are easy to edit and can be edited if needed to suit your corporate requirements. Quote Template will organically complement your old presentations and take its rightful place in your collection.