Customer Experience Map

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Customer experience maps are a collaborative way of allowing business to visually represent complex customer interactions. Experience maps highlight possible pain points, enabling businesses to find opportunities to ensure the best possible customer experience with their products and services.

Customer experience maps are an incredibly useful way of documenting your customer experience from your customer’s viewpoint. It is vital that they are based on customer research, else they run the risk of becoming internally driven process flows.

They show how your current customers are using your products and services and typically break down activities such as the related phases of a purchasing journey, listing relevant channels or touch points.

Customer experience maps give you a really handy holistic view of your entire customer experience across multiple channels and, critically, they also identify opportunities on how to improve this experience. They show you the pain points and difficulties your customers are having, as well as things that you are currently doing well and should continue to do.

Customer experience maps are a vital part of defining and improving your customer experience strategy, and are really effective at aligning internal stakeholders to ensure the customers do not fall between the various cracks that may appear as the customer moves across the various business channels.

This template allows you to put the user or customer front and center. For marketers, product managers and operations professionals, this map shows digital channels – such as mobile, social media and the web — can change customer perception and behavior. It demonstrates the need for the entire organization to adapt.

Marketers can use this template when preparing a company’s marketing strategy. You can present your statistics on customer interactions with your products in the form of customer experience maps. After that, conduct an analysis and build a marketing strategy, taking into account the positive and negative customer experience.

This template will also be useful for sales managers. For example, you can prepare an analysis of the statistics of customer reviews about your product and prepare an action plan to eliminate negative reviews. This one will help you prepare for your next client meeting.

Business leaders can use this template to prepare for a meeting with production leaders. You can present the analysis data in detail and suggest correcting product deficiencies or adding additional functions useful to the client.

Software or mobile developers can use this template in their weekly sprints. You can prepare a testers report on the latest version of the product and analyze the positive and negative aspects of the software.

Startup executives can use the slides from this template in preparation for their investor meeting. For example, you can provide an analysis of customer feedback on interactions with your old product and offer a detailed business plan for a new product that will take into account the wishes of the customers.

Available in four design variations, this template has a line graphs to display qualitative and quantitative information. It also includes two options for mapping out user experience across devices. For marketers, this template can be especially useful when determining target audiences, media campaigns and more. All text, graphics, icons and colors are editable and customizable. Whether you’re presenting to a digitally-savvy team or not, this template is clear, concise and visually-appealing to hold your audience’s attention. The Customer Experience Map template will organically complement your old presentations and will be a great addition to your collection of professional business presentations.