One Page Marketing Plan

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Never underestimate the power of brevity. For many situations, one-page marketing is fine, if not even better than a longer plan. For these purposes, our team has developed the “One Page Marketing Plan Template”. A special template that contains all the necessary information on one page.

Let’s take a quick look at the main tools of this template. The template provides the presenter with all the tools he needs to visualize his marketing analysis well. These are tables, horizontal graphs, various colored areas that help to highlight the main information, a large variety of infographics. It is possible to display planned and actual indicators in the form of a table, and what needs to be changed in order to achieve the desired goal. You will be able to quickly and easily post your numbers, market percentages and describe your marketing goals and distribution channels. The template allows you to describe the main marketing questions (what, why, when, how, who) and give answers to them in the form of structured descriptions. You just insert your data into ready-made forms and get great results.

The design of the template is thought out to the smallest detail – comfortable and readable fonts, the predominance of warm colors, the use of shadows, and transparency effects. This template can also be used in preparing a business plan, analyzing the market, and developing strategies. Also, the slides of this template will organically complement your financial, strategic, or weekly reports for leadership. One Page Marketing Plan Template is a simple and stylish solution that allows you to put all the essentials on one page.