Compass Template

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4 Slides
File size: 16:9
Fonts: Lato, Calibri
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

The Compass is a metaphor for direction, and this compass template provides a professional PowerPoint diagram that models Koichi Shimizu’s 7C Compass model. In the first slide,  each cardinal point is mapped to an editable, color-coded texts placeholder projected from the compass. The compass PowerPoint template contains 4 slides that are 100% editable and customizable. You can modify colors, add your texts, resize and move shapes and icons of each slide as per your requirements.

The compass PowerPoint Template is suitable for demonstrating vision, goals and direction of life. The visual illustration of the compass template support discussion about future direction. The 4 main cardinal points in slide 2 gives measurable outcomes. The compass template can be used in motivational presentation such as skill development and learning .

Startup executives can use this template in preparation for their meeting with potential investors. For example, you can prepare a detailed development plan for your company and present this plan using the slides in this template. Also, this template will be useful for company leaders when preparing for a strategic session with shareholders. You can use the slides of this template when developing plans for the development of the company for the next year.

Project managers can use the slides in this template as they prepare to meet with team members. For example, you can detail the main goals and timeline of the project and indicate the direction of work for each team member. Marketers and advertising professionals can use this template in preparation for meeting with clients. You can describe in detail what communication channels will be used to promote the client’s products.

Travel agencies can use the slides of this template when preparing promotional materials for tourists. You can indicate the main countries to which you offer tours for tourists. Also, you can specify the main attractions or hotels for each country. This template will also be useful for sales managers when preparing analyzes for major groups of products sold. You can also use this template to prepare information about promising regions for the sale of your product.

Ideal for marketers, motivational speakers,  business analysts, communication experts, and strategic planners as the compass template is widely used in marketing, communication, and strategic planning. The compass template will impress the audience with visually-appealing icons and professional layout.

Compass Template contains all the tools you need to build a professional and stylish presentation. You can independently change the color of the infographics, the arrangement of blocks, the type of fonts in accordance with your corporate requirements. This template will organically complement your old presentations and make them professional and modern.