Crawl Walk Run Fly

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Many CEOs have faced the problem of perceived stability. You know the company is doing well. Confirmation of this is the excellent indicators of profit, return on investment, customer growth and satisfied employees. But the feeling that you do not understand what stage of development your company is at does not leave you. Are you at the very beginning of your journey or have you already passed the golden age of development?

What is the status of your team – do they have something to learn or are they already veterans in their field? An analogy can be drawn here between the coach and a football team. You have a team of great players. The team is at the top of the standings. But does the coach want to understand his team at their peak? Is the team able to move on or is it at the limit of its capabilities? So in business, the owner of the company wants to understand whether he can move on with his team to other markets.

There are many methods for understanding team readiness. One of these methods is via  the concept of Crawl Walk Run Fly. If you are just starting your way in business, then most likely you belong to the Crawl category. When moving to a steadily developing company, you move into the Walk stage. When optimizing your business through techniques such as Lean Manufacturing or Agile Implementation, you move into the Run category. The latter category gives you a huge competitive edge. As they walk slowly, you fly over them like a rocket.

The Crawl Walk Run Fly template is designed primarily for business executives. The first slide of this template allows you to provide detailed descriptions for each stage of the company’s development. You can define goals and development plan for the team at each stage. This slide will also be useful for team leaders in their team development strategy. The next slide is presented in four main steps and contains stunning graphics specially designed for this topic. The third slide is presented as an inclined line, which symbolizes the career ladder. This slide can be used by HR employees in their daily work. You can use this slide when preparing an Employee of the Month or Excellence Report. The last slide is presented as a timeline and has an additional category of firm development. This slide can be useful when preparing a strategic development plan for a company or launching a new product on the market.

The Crawl Walk Run Fly template is made in a bright color scheme and has all the necessary tools to build a professional presentation. All slides in this template are editable and you can independently make all the necessary changes in accordance with your corporate identity. This template will complement and update your old presentations. The template will be useful for HR staff and business trainers.