Road & Traffic Signs

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You’ve got your sights set on a clear route forward. You anticipate some roadblock, but overall, you want to get your team onboard and investors inspired by the path you have forged. How do you communicate the steps required to achieve these goals? How do you convey the milestones for building and launching a robust product portfolio, a marketing plan or a staffing strategy? This roadmap template does a fantastic job of displaying the high-level efforts that you need to complete in order to achieve your goals.

Available in four design variations, each roadmap expands on the visual metaphor of a route. You can distinguish major milestones in your product launches, relay data points associated with product strategy and consumer demographics. This template is colorful, completely customizable to your business needs and the perfect presentation tool for investors, clients, and internal executive meetings. It also includes a multitude of road signs and stoplight charts to include in your presentation.  All text, colors, iconography and graphics are editable.

The first slide contains an infographic of the road in a central position and several text blocks for a detailed description of the processes. You can use this slide in preparation for your investor meeting. For example, you can describe the actions of your team during the first phase of product development. Describe in detail who is responsible for what, deadlines, and what risks are assumed at this stage. Also, it will not be superfluous to indicate measures to reduce the likelihood of these risks. Then, in the same manner, describe the rest of the project stages that will appear at every turn in the road. The second slide is presented in the form of a winding road, the movement along which is impeded by various prohibition signs. You can use this slide to summarize the project. For example, you can describe all the difficulties that you encountered during the implementation of the project and the solutions that helped to successfully complete this project. This slide may be helpful for development teams and team leaders. The next slide is slightly different from the previous one with a larger infographic. You can use this slide to describe the main challenges that arise when bringing a new product to the market. The slide will be useful for sales managers, marketers, and development managers. The last slide contains a large number of road signs. You can easily select the road sign you need and transfer it to any slide in your presentation. This will allow you to describe any problems and match them with appropriate road signs, which will make your presentation professional in the eyes of your audience. You can also use this slide to prepare an educational program for children to cross the street safely. Business coaches can also use the slide when preparing their training courses on leadership, goal achievement, and other motivational programs.

Road & Traffic Signs template gives you the opportunity to use modern design and tools for creating a business presentation in your presentation. You can independently prepare your presentation for your corporate requirements. This template can be used by directors of firms and department heads when preparing reports at strategic sessions of leaders or meetings with potential investors. This template will stylishly complement your old presentations and you can use them in your reports.