Warning Signs

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This PowerPoint presentation includes a wide selection of road and warning signs, which can be used for all industries, sectors and businesses. For teaching purposes, this template offers a clear, visual approach for students, who wish to clearly understand the meaning and intent for each sign. The slides are editable and icons can be modified to meet your brand aesthetic.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the sets of warning signs. The first slide contains a collection of prohibition signs that you may need when creating your presentation. You may find this slide useful when creating a presentation on behavior in a public place. For example, you can indicate on the opening slides of your presentation that you must turn off your phones and that you are not allowed to take photos of your presentation slides. You can also use this slide when preparing a field trip at your facility. For example, you can warn what you can do when inspecting your production facilities and what actions are prohibited. The second slide contains warning signs. You can use the collection of these signs to complement the Road & Traffic Signs template. These warning signs will help you make your presentation more relevant to your topic. This set contains a sign with a forklift, fire, train, and other rare signs. You can also use these warning signs when preparing materials for the safe handling of dangerous goods. For example, you might point out that oxygen can aid combustion or liquid argon can cause burns due to its low temperature. Also, this slide can be useful for construction organizations. You can develop a set of measures for a safe stay on construction sites using the warning signs of our template. The next slide contains a warning and prohibition signs that can be used in preparing a course for children. The collection of our signs can be used by labor protection specialists in their daily work. For example, you can use warning signs when developing instructions and regulations for company employees. Also, these slides can be used when giving a lecture on the topic of workplace safety for new employees. The visual representation of many warning signs will allow you to quickly learn the material and avoid further accidents at work. The last slide can be used by ecologists and environmentalists when preparing a report on harmful emissions from production into the atmosphere. Also, this slide can be used by teachers of schools and universities when preparing a course on ecology, life safety, and rules of conduct in public places.

Our collection of health and safety warning signs is sure to be useful for events, business needs and construction sites. Hazard signs can be used for commercial and non-commercial use. All text, colors, iconography and graphics are editable. This template is also printable for instructional purposes.

The Warning Signs template has modern infographics and will complement any of your presentations related to safety at work or preparing a project roadmap. This template will be primarily useful for labor protection specialists and managers of production and construction organizations. Also, this template can be used by employees of research laboratories in their daily work when preparing materials on the safe use of chemicals and reagents.