Market Analysis

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Market analysis is used to determine the dynamics of a particular market in a particular industry. It provides information and data on competitors, customers, industry, and other market variables. It can also give you detailed information about supply and demand for a particular service or product. All this helps the business to create market strategies based on informed decision making. Do you do exactly that? Do you have a ready-made analysis and you need to sell it tasty to investors? The Market Analysis Template is exactly what you are looking for. Graphs, numbers and percentages, infographics and charts, and quite a bit of text. This is exactly what the presentation on the topic of market analysis should look like.

Let’s take a detailed look at each slide of this template and see what tools are provided to us to visualize our data. On the first slide, one of the varieties of the spherical diagram is presented to our attention. It occupies half the slide and is presented in bright colors. This allows to immediately attract attention of the audience. The right side of the slide shows percentage data on market share with a brief explanation for each of them. Multi-colored arrows indicate a decrease or increase in market share. Such a slide must be in your report. The second slide meets us with a not quite familiar form of the usual schedule. What is so unusual about it? Instead of the dots and lines that connect them, here are the company logos. Each company takes its place on the charts, depending on market share. In the center of the third slide is a pie chart divided into four sectors. In the upper left part, there is a wonderful infographic, on which you can display the percentage in various areas of the market. There is also a bulleted list and the most important map of the world. It highlighted the country where the company’s product is presented. Colored forms allow you to enter additional information on each of the selected countries. This slide will definitely be a find in your presentation. The last slide uses stylish and modern infographics and gives you the opportunity to show growth/decrease for each of the analyzed products. There is also the opportunity to display the dynamics of changes in indicators on a regular chart.

Your market analysis presented using these templates will be perceived as a professional and quality job. The abundance of infographics gives the simplest possible perception of complex analytical data. The excellent combination and alternation of cold and warm tones fit perfectly into the overall presentation style. The presence of a card makes it possible to choose any country in the world and display on it the share of sales of your company. This template can be used in various areas of the economy. Market Analysis Template is suitable for any market research and will be useful to everyone who works in the field of marketing.