Root Cause Analysis Template

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Let’s get to the bottom of the problem with this root cause analysis template. This form of analysis is performed when a problem or issue has occurred and its cause needs to be uncovered. For companies experiencing growing pains or well-established enterprises adapting to market shifts, this template is perfect for understanding why a specific problem came about. Ultimately, in understanding the “5 whys” you can then fix the underlying causes and symptoms for the short-term and long-term.

This visually rich RCA template offers nine different design variations for you to choose from. Colorful layouts, simple iconography, cascading effects and causes, and sequential reasoning — you will be pleasantly surprised with the flexibility of each template. Several slides feature a fun tree graphic, which is a playful take on root analysis.

The first slide of the template is presented as a tree at the top of the slide and its roots at the bottom of the slide. The hidden part of the tree symbolizes seemingly invisible causes of negative factors that affect the final result. This slide will primarily be useful for risk managers, company directors, heads of planning and economic departments. Each problem on the slide is related to the cause that caused it. For example, you can indicate a decrease in sales in one of your branches and indicate the reason that caused this – your competitor began to sell a similar product at a lower price in this region. The next slide is represented by tree roots only. You can also indicate here the reasons that prevented you from completing the project or extended its completion period. For example, your lead programmer fell ill and work on a project was suspended. Having analyzed the reasons that led to such consequences, for the next project you will have a programmer in the team who can replace another in case of illness. The next two slides are presented as dependency blocks. This slide will be helpful in preparing the project roadmap. The project manager can indicate possible risks at each stage of the project. For example, an increase in the delivery time of products due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which in the future will lead to a failure in the entire equipment assembly chain. The next slide can be used by production workers in their work when preparing instructions for the operation of equipment. For example, you can indicate possible equipment malfunctions and the reasons that may have caused the malfunction. It is very convenient to have ready-made solutions for eliminating simple breakdowns, which in turn will reduce the downtime of both equipment and workers. Also, this slide can be used in their work by medical workers who can explain the causes of a patient’s disease. The slides of this template can be used by school teachers and university teachers when explaining causality in nature or science.

For teams in operations, finance, procurement, technology and finance, this is the ideal format for uncovering the “big why” and providing a viable solution for these issues. This can also be used in conjunction with our gap analysis template that highlights the gap between as-is current state versus the to-be desired state. Root Cause Analysis Template will be a great addition to your collection of presentation templates.