Bottom Up vs Top Down

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The Top Down approach is the more traditional of the two project management approaches. A Top Down strategy calls for all key decisions to be made by the project manager or senior organizational leaders. When a project is managed from the Top Down, the work breakdown structure and project plan are usually completed by the project manager alone, after which team members are told which tasks they will be completing and when their tasks are due. end goal. Top Down project management remains very common, and it is well suited to projects in which there are few unfamiliar tasks and a few unique challenges to be met. In the Bottom Up model, project objectives are still determined by organizational leadership, but the team members who will be doing the work are asked to provide input as to how the project goals will be met. Task lists and project timelines are usually not completed until after the project team members have weighed in, which often results in more realistic schedules and fewer surprises down the road. Greater employee engagement helps improve team morale and accountability. Let’s start analyzing your data using our Bottom Up vs Top Down template.

This template will be useful for project managers, department heads, financiers, and marketers. You can also use this presentation to visualize increases in revenue and decreases in costs. You can specify the parameters that affect the increase in the company’s income, and on the other hand, specify the parameters that reduce the company’s costs. The first slide of our template demonstrates this feature perfectly. The second slide can be used when several parameters affect the final goal. These parameters can be in different categories. Also, this slide can be used when describing contradictions, for example, conflict situations between employees. We advise you to use HR when preparing a presentation on conflicts in a company or marketers to show the influence of various factors on product consumers. In this template, you can specify the percentage of tasks completed or the influence of factors. The horizontal chart is great for showing the audience the progress of the project. A very handy slide as it can be applied in many cases. For example, you can use slide to visualize parallel processes and show their execution.

The soft and slightly dark colors of the presentation make template a stylish business presentation. Large infographics look great with large headings. This template will be primarily useful for analysts of any level. It is ideal for deep analysis and identification of cause and effect relationships. Finance managers, purchasing specialists, the planning department will be satisfied with the possibilities this template provides. IT professionals can use the template when analyzing sprints and discussing user stories. Scrum masters can use this template in their day to day work. Bottom Up vs Top Down template provides all the tools you need to analyze and prepare a professional presentation.