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You have made the decision and your organization needs to transform. This can include adding greater automation through technology, redesigning the customer and work experience to provide better service or putting in further safeguards to proactively manage risk and compliance.

You need a strategic planning process that manages and monitors all the elements that will drive your initiative to meet the timelines and goals identified. One of the best ways to do this is by using a Transformation Map.

A Transformation Map is a visual representation of the strategic planning and execution process. A Transformation Map include all the important elements of successful strategic change – goals, actions, milestones, timelines, results, and impact. Think of a Transformation Map as a tool to present your way from strategy to execution, while at the same time ensuring organizational and leadership orientation. A Transformation Map turn the usual fear of change and reorganization into motivation to achieve clear and defined goals, with outcomes that also guide future decision making.

A Transformation Map are useful when you want to agree on, communicate and track the multiple and often complicated components of your strategic planning process with stakeholders.

As with other large-scale change initiatives, the planning process is most successful when key stakeholders from various supporting departments can collaborate.  Involving the appropriate stakeholders in the progression of the process – workshopping, evaluating and refining the Transformation Map – is as important as the Transformation Map itself. This is because to achieve the positive outcomes you define in the Transformation Map requires buy-in and ownership of the change process, something which will not be realized without stakeholder input and engagement. The Transformation Map functions as a great way to kick-off and reach agreement on the strategic planning process, and as a valuable reference tool for those times when the waters get muddy as we all know they tend to do.

Depict the statistical changes in any particular process or event, and study and compare the data changes recorded over a period of time. The transformation map template can demonstrate market changes, development processes, and business approach. The transformation map allows the decision-makers in a company to strategically study the growth of their company’s service or product and take appropriate steps according to the deduced information.

The first slide contains a 5 yearly transformation map presentation of 8 business categories, and the second slide contains a 4 yearly transformation map presentation of 7 business categories. These categories can be major business functions like marketing, finance, human resource, sales, etc. There is a future state in the top right corner of both slides.

The Transformation Map is well-designed with infographics to provide insights to the business transformation strategy.  Ideal for managers and consultants to propose changes in the strategic model of an organization.

This template can be used by company leaders in preparation for a strategic session with company shareholders. You can also use this template when designing your strategy session. This template will be useful for planning managers. You can describe in detail all stages of your plan and identify who is responsible for each stage.

This template will also be useful for project managers when preparing information for a new project. This template can be used by startups in preparation for meeting with investors.

The template’s text placeholders are 100% editable and customizable as per your requirements. You can change the color, text, resize icons and shapes to suit your preference.

The Transformation Map PowerPoint template allows you to create an informative transformation map presentation that will not only engage your audience but also help your company make better business decisions for the future.