Bowman Strategy Clock

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Analyze the competitive position of your company in comparison to the offering of competitors and stay ahead of the competition. Bowman’s Strategy Clock model is generally used in marketing to categorize and describe the competitive position of a company or organization in comparison to its competitors.  Developed by Cliff Bowman as an elaboration of the three porter generic strategies, he considers competitive advantages related to cost advantage and differentiation.

The strategy developed by Bowman contains eight strategies that can be mapped across Cartesian axes where the horizontal axis represents price and the vertical axis represent the perceived value.

The first slides present the Bowman clock on a Cartesian graph where the vertical axis is the price and the horizontal axis is the perceived value of your company.  Subsequent slides illustrate the Bowman strategy with descriptive infographics to engage your audience.

The template is 100% customizable and editable. You can modify colors, texts and icons. It provides adequate placeholders for users to adapt the diagram to their analysis. The Bowman Clock Strategy template is useful for strategic analysts to create professional competitive strategy analysis that appeals to executive audiences.