Communication Process Diagram

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Communication is a system that we face or doing daily life by the business, contact with others, in any official work etc. Normally, it is the act of transferring any information from one place, group or person to another. We communicate by that process it is called Communication process. It is the key of developing any function, management or any event.

The process of communication refers to the show of information or message from the sender done a selected channel to the receiver overpowering barriers that affect its pace.

There are eight types of Communication process – sender, message, encoding, channel, receiver, decoding, feedback, noise. The sender or the communicator is the person who initiates the conversation and has conceptualized the idea that he intends to convey it to others. Once the encoding is finished, the sender gets the message that he intends to convey. The message can be written, oral, symbolic or non-verbal such as body gestures, silence, sights, sounds, etc. or any other signal that triggers the response of a receiver. The Sender chooses the medium through which he wants to convey his message to the recipient. It must be selected carefully in order to make the message effective and correctly interpreted by the recipient.

The choice of medium depends on the interpersonal relationships between the sender and the receiver and also on the urgency of the message being sent. The receiver is the person for whom the message is intended or targeted. He tries to comprehend it in the best possible manner such that the communication objective is attained. The Feedback is the final step of the process that ensures the receiver has received the message and interpreted it correctly as it was intended by the sender. It increases the effectiveness of the communication as it permits the sender to know the efficacy of his message. The response of the receiver can be verbal or non-verbal.

Communication Process Diagram template consists of four slides that have all the necessary tools to prepare a professional presentation. This template will be useful for teachers of journalism and psychology courses. You can use the slides in this template to explain the communication process to your audience. Also, this template can be used by HR managers when introducing a new employee to a position. Using the slides in this template, you can demonstrate the communication process that is adopted in the company. The Communication Process Diagram template will also be useful for team leaders and product owners in preparation for their weekly sprints. Psychologists can use this template when communicating with their patients. Also, this template can be used when teaching students, the rules of communication in school or college. This template features a modern infographic in cool colors. This template will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.