Process Map Template

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A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the flow of work. Process maps show a series of events that produce an end result. A process map is also called a flowchart, process flowchart, process chart. It shows who and what is involved in a process and can be used in any business or organization. Process maps provide insight into a process, help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increase communication, and provide process documentation. Process mapping will identify bottlenecks, repetition, and delays. Process mapping allows you to visually communicate the important details of a process rather than writing extensive directions. Process Map Template is the perfect tool for representing the business processes that take place in your company.

Each manager has repeatedly faced the need to describe the business processes that take place in his department. That is why executives will appreciate the tremendous opportunities that a template provides when designing a company’s business processes.

The first and second slides provide an opportunity to display the main processes by breaking them down into categories. Several processes can belong to one category. These slides will be ideal when setting the terms of reference for the work. For example, you can use a template when describing a technical assignment for developing a website or phone application. On the third slide, you can easily show the execution of processes and the solution of the main tasks that occur during the execution of a certain process. The slide will be useful to anyone who needs to present a general flowchart of the process. Can be used when creating instructions for new employees of the company or when developing instructions for working with equipment. The fourth slide includes all the features of the previous slides and additionally provides the ability to indicate the employees who are responsible for the results of these processes. This is a very handy option and you can post employee photos here.

The template will be useful for employees of labor safety departments and HR managers. Slides help you present complex white papers in intuitive instructions. Coaches of various specialties will also be happy to use these slides in their training programs. Template slides are suitable for preparing business plans, visualizing company structure, and relationships within departments. Financial analysts and investment companies can use slides to display cash flows at different stages of a project.

The design of the template is built in such a way that it does not overload the audience with an abundance of texts. Infographics allow you to present complex connections between each business process in the form of intuitive and easy-to-understand blocks. Teachers can use slides to better explain to pupils and students complex processes in physics, chemistry, or biology. If necessary, you can change the font sizes and increase the amount of text information in your report. Slides of this template can be easily combined with other templates. The Process Map Template will be your favourite tool when developing your company’s business processes.