Conceptual Framework

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A Conceptual Framework is a visual representation that helps to illustrate the expected relationship between cause and effect in a financial context.

It is also called a Conceptual Model or research model. Different variables and the assumed relationships between those variables are included in the model and reflect the expectations.

This framework is a tool that is used before to a study. This makes a Conceptual Framework an analytical tool. It is used to make conceptual distinctions and bring together different ideas. Strong Conceptual Frameworks lead to actual realisation of the intended objective.

In a Conceptual Model, the relationships are clearly defined between the different variables and their relationship to each other. Typically, the model is prepared before actual research takes place.

In addition, the type of research determines whether it is wise and useful to work with a Conceptual Framework. In testing research, the use of a Conceptual Framework is customary.

Based on hypotheses, a certain idea can be shown. The basis of testing research is to demonstrate the cause-effect relationship, which is also reflected in the Conceptual Framework. In testing research, one works with specific expectations about cause and effect relationships, which are displayed in the schematic model.

Nevertheless, the model is also suitable for exploratory research. This often consists of broadly defined concepts instead of specifically defined variables. In this type of research, the specific relationships are identified afterwards and the variables are directly measurable and formulated fairly concretely.

Working with a Conceptual Model has various advantages. First, the user is forced to think carefully about the variables and give them precise descriptions.

In addition, the guidelines help you to reach a final result. The standards that are determined in advance will be consistent with this framework, so that everyone who has the variables knows exactly what is expected.

Finally, the purpose of the conceptual framework is to reveal the gaps in knowledge. If the findings show that some aspects of the phenomenon have not been explored or well understood, then that is where you come in. You have found that elusive research gap, which your study can help address or resolve. That is the beauty of having a conceptual framework ready at hand.

Marketers can use this template when preparing a marketing strategy. You can present cause-and-effect relationships when conducting advertising campaigns through various advertising channels. This template will be helpful to researchers when preparing a research report.

University professors can use this template when preparing courses on building conceptual models or identifying cause and effect relationships.

Conceptual Framework is a professional and modern template that contains five stylish and fully editable slides. You can change the type and size of the font, color and position of the infographic yourself. This template will be useful for project managers, marketers, researchers. Conceptual Framework template will complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.