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An action item is a discrete task that must be accomplished, usually by a single individual or a small team or group. Action items typically arise from meetings and should always be clearly documented. Most people overestimate how well they are likely to remember things. As a result, they may commit themselves to an action item, write a sketchy shorthand note about it and later wonder what it means. One way to prevent that scenario is ensuring that action items are expressed as full sentences. It is also important to ensure that all crucial details are included, such as task deadlines, the responsible party and any consequent action items that are expected to arise from the original one. Action items arising from another are sometimes referred to as relay items.

Whenever we talk about the action item, there are three W’s that are considered in it. These are Who, What, and When. Who? The action item for this task will make clear that the specific task is assigned to that specific person. What? This is because this is the description that will tell the person what he is needed to perform for the task. This not only needs to be clear, but it also needs to be short and to the point so that there are no ambiguities left. When? This is the time that is allowed for the task to be completed. Sometimes it is called the deadline for the project. Although an action item seems to be a very simple thing to make it is not that simple.

The Action Item Template consists of four slides that contain all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. You can present your data in tables and indicate the percentage completion for each task using horizontal charts. You can also prioritize each task and choose the desired colour for each of them. This presentation of data helps to immediately determine what stage the project is at and which tasks need to be addressed first. For example, team leaders and product owners can use this template during their weekly meeting to discuss customer product development. Also, this template will be useful for construction companies and architectural firms. You can use the slides of this template to control construction work at home in different areas of work. Also, this template can be used by heads of departments when preparing a report for the director of the company on the work of the department.

The secret to making meetings more productive is accountability. With this action item template, you can improve the overall efficiency of meetings and ensure proper follow-up from your teams. Perfect for all industries, this PowerPoint template includes a tracking ID for each action item, assigned owners, start and due dates. With its clear colour coding system, you can prioritize tasks, rate level of effort and difficulty, and seamlessly change status of each action item. You can also add personalized notes and comments for each task.

Ideal for project managers, team leads and scrum masters, you’ll find this template easy to update and flexible to customize. For executive meetings and quarterly reporting, this template tells a clear, concise and visual story that’s easy to follow along for senior stakeholders. No matter the complexity of your project, size of your team or scope of budget, this template is useful in helping you and your team stay organized, and ensure on-time delivery of projects.