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4 Slides
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Product details

How far have you gone on the project? How many milestones have you achieved? Do you need a progress bar template to show and tell the story of the progress of your project convincingly? If yes. Then the search for a befitting progress bar template just ended. This progress bar template is the best option for you.

Equipped with graphical designs made of beautiful and simple colors, this progress bar template conveys the significant highlights of the project to your audience in four slides. The first three slides of the template uses different progress diagrams to indicate the level of progress achieved in the project. The last slide in the template summarizes all the information shared in the first three slides.

This template is suitable for business organizations, project team reviews, research institutes, and many more. The colors of the diagrams and graphical designs in the slides in the progress bar template are simple and visually appealing. The organized arrangement of information on the slides and sequential arrangement of the slides gives a professional look and feel to the progress bar template. This implies that the progress bar template can be used in an organized setting.

Program lead, project managers, and heads of organizing committees will find this template useful in communicating project progress with their team members, superiors, or target audience.