Investor Proposal

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Investor proposal letters are less formal than some business plans and similar documents. In some ways, an investor proposal is an abbreviated form of a business plan, where you can provide details about your business and the way you intend to use the funding investors provide to achieve financial ends. In the entrepreneurial world, a proposal is a document that details proposals and an action plan to achieve a specific goal or objective. The investor proposal is intended to attract the attention of investors, lenders and financial institutions and receive financial support from them in order to finance the company’s business idea. All investor proposals should start with a brief description of the proposed investment project or idea. It is in this part of your proposal where you get to share with the world what your business idea is all about. Remember that this portion of your proposal is the first thing that potential investors will see and read so make sure that its first few paragraphs are written well. Another must-include section in any investor proposal is a section about your company’s performance and financial background. Another important component of an investor proposal is a market research and what your action plans to dominate your market. After reviewing the results of this study, you need to come up with different strategies that you can implement in order to maintain or gain a market leader. And you need to list all these planned action plans into your investor proposal. A good investor proposal will include information on your planned marketing and advertising strategies, pricing models, employee acquisition process, product sources, etc. Investors would want to know everything about your proposed business idea or project before they commit to being full-pledged investors. That is why you need to also include all the technical and operational aspect of your planned business. Information like the source of funds, the return of investment, projected gains and losses, the profitability of the business, possible loans, and other financing options should be clearly stated in the investor proposal. This will provide investors with a clear understanding of how much their money or resources can help your business and how much they will gain in return.

Investor Proposal template consists of four slides. The slides of this template will primarily be useful for startups and investment companies. You can use this template to prepare information for potential investors. The first slide can be used by business coaches and university professors when preparing courses on the topic of finding investors or effective investment in stocks. The third slide gives you the opportunity to present different types of real estate investments and indicates the percentage of return on capital invested. You can also specify other KPIs for your investment. You can use this template when preparing a plan to reinvest profits in other areas of the industry for better risk management. Also, this template will be useful for CEOs when preparing a report for the company’s shareholders. All slides in this template can be easily edited as needed to suit your corporate requirements.