Value Proposition Template

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Product details

A well-written value proposition is personalized for you, your customer and your partners. It needs to communicate the entirety of your business in a short, succinct and inspiring way. This value proposition template is expressive and concise and gives the full picture to a potential investor in just a few minutes.

The PowerPoint template has four dynamic and colorful designs – each with a structured, iconographic layout that outlines the following: key activities, value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, resources, channels, revenue streams and cost structure. It not only captures the value to customers, but also captures who yours customer are,  the problem and the solution, all at once. Perfect to present to your team and senior stakeholders or simply hang above your desk so that you always see the full picture. Ideal for all goal-oriented and mission-driven industries, this template can be customized for your unique needs. The colors, text and shapes are customizable and editable.