Value Proposition Template

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A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy their product. A value proposition is part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. The value proposition provides a declaration of intent or a statement that introduces a company’s brand to consumers by telling them what the company stands for, how it operates, and why it deserves their business.

A value proposition can be presented as a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement, if worded compellingly, convinces a potential consumer that one particular product or service the company offers will add more value or better solve a problem for them than other similar offerings will.

A value proposition stands as a promise by a company to a customer or market segment. A value proposition should clearly explain how a product fills a need, communicate the specifics of its added benefit, and state the reason why it is better than similar products on the market. The ideal value proposition is to-the-point and appeals to a customer’s strongest decision-making drivers.

A well-written value proposition is personalized for you, your customer and your partners. It needs to communicate the entirety of your business in a short, succinct and inspiring way. This value proposition template is expressive and concise and gives the full picture to a potential investor in just a few minutes.

Sales managers can use this template when preparing for a meeting with a client. You can describe in detail the advantages of your product and send an offer to the client for review. Also, this template will be useful for marketers when preparing an advertising campaign for a product. You can create multiple value proposition variations and use them for each type of ad.

Startup executives can use the slides from this template when developing a new product-to-market strategy. Also, this template will be useful for business trainers when preparing a course on effective sales or introducing a new product to the market.

This pattern can be applied to various business areas such as industry, consumer goods sales, construction, and various services. Also, this template can be used by developers of mobile applications and prepare it for service connection packages of various prices.

Social media and online product promoters can use this template when preparing their sales strategy. You can prepare a presentation for each social network and increase your conversion several times.

The PowerPoint template has four dynamic and colorful designs – each with a structured, iconographic layout that outlines the following: key activities, value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, resources, channels, revenue streams and cost structure. It not only captures the value to customers, but also captures who yours customer are, the problem and the solution, all at once. Perfect to present to your team and senior stakeholders or simply hang above your desk so that you always see the full picture. Ideal for all goal-oriented and mission-driven industries, this template can be customized for your unique needs. The colors, text and shapes are customizable and editable. Value Proposition Template will organically complement and update your old presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional templates.