Converging Arrows

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Very often the final result of the work depends on the coordination of the work of several departments or employees. Even if you have done your part excellently, you cannot be sure that in the end you will get the same excellent result. An engineer can come up with a great mechanism and make quality drawings. But this detail will be done by a not very responsible employee and will make the detail half a millimeter larger. As a result, the service life of such a part will be reduced or it may not be suitable for the final unit at all. As a result, a good idea will not be implemented due to someone’s flaw. Coordination of work of employees and departments of the company is very important. How to convey this information to all participants in the process. You can use a variety of teamwork tools and methodologies. Converging arrows are one such tool for visualizing data. This tool allows you to visually display the dependence of various processes and their impact on the final result. Converging arrows are often associated with military operations on the map. Subdivisions of different troops strike a joint blow at the enemy at a certain point. The success of the operation and, most importantly, the saved lives depend on the coordination of their actions. By using converging arrows, companies will save employees time and money.

Converging Arrows Template consists of four modern slides. The first slide will be useful for sales managers. For example, you can show how different categories of your products such as Stars, Problem Child, Cash Cow, Dog together bring profit to the company. Also, this slide can be used by marketers and specialists of the advertising department when preparing an advertising campaign. For example, you can list all the advertising channels that are involved in your strategy. The next slide will be useful for heads of companies and departments. You can use this slide when preparing your development strategy. For example, you can specify distribution channels for your product and types of cash flows. The third slide clearly demonstrates how joint actions are combined at one point and then work towards a single result. Here you can describe in detail each department that is involved in the work. The slide can also be used by chemical laboratories or pharmaceutical companies. You can show what ingredients are needed at the input to get the final product. The last slide can be used in preparation for a joint meeting between manufacturing and purchasing. For example, you can specify how important it is to communicate a change in production in a timely manner so that the purchasing department does not create a shortage or surplus in stock. All Converging Arrows Template slides are easy to edit and you can independently make changes according to your requirements. The slides in this template will be helpful when preparing for a strategy session or planning a budget for next year.