Iceberg Concept Diagram

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Each of us got into situations where the project seems simple and there is no reason to worry. But during the subsequent work on the project, various problems are clarified that were not noticed by us and which we did not even suspect. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to comprehensively and in detail study the project in order to try to foresee all possible risks in subsequent work. To do this, you can use the concept of an iceberg. You can prepare your concerns about the project by presenting the data to the audience in the form of an iceberg buried under water.

This iceberg concept diagram template is editable and customizable for your business needs. Consisting of five uniquely designed slides, this PowerPoint template uses the iceberg concept as a metaphor for solving business problems and challenges. When presenting to decision makers, you can apply this tip of the Iceberg concept to encourage intended outcomes.

Analysts will find this template useful when preparing market competition reports. You can describe the main competitors, identify companies that produce similar substitute products, and point out hidden competition. This template can also be used by business leaders when preparing for a meeting. For example, you can provide visible reasons for not meeting a sales plan and provide indirect reasons that you did not take into account in previous discussions.

Team leaders and development teams can use this template in preparation for their weekly sprints. You can visualize hidden issues that were not addressed by team members in the first phase of the application development. Also, directors of companies can use this template when preparing their strategy. You can indicate what reasons led to such financial indicators and what measures will be taken to improve the financial results of the company.

Psychologists can use this template when preparing information for their patients. For example, you can show a client’s problem and, at the bottom of the iceberg, indicate the reasons that led to this condition of your patient. Healthcare professionals can also use this template when preparing information about the causes of a patient’s illness.

Crisis managers can use the slides from this template to prepare their own crisis management plan. You can clearly demonstrate what visible reasons affect the financial results of the company and what hidden reasons that the company did not pay attention to and which led to a decrease in the company’s profits.

Applicable for all industries and functions, the tip of the iceberg diagram refers to a small part of the problem being exposed. The bottom of the iceberg (under the sea) refers to the big problem that often goes unnoticed. The creative depth and metaphor of this presentation will wow your audiences, leaving them with a sense of urgency to take action. For professionals looking to gain buy-in on their recommended strategy, this classic metaphor of the iceberg is perfect for presenting ideas or topics behind an important or difficult business decision.

Iceberg Concept Diagram template consists of four slides and has a lot of infographics. If necessary, you can independently change the size, color and position of text boxes and infographics. This template will organically complement your old presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.