Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

Use this creative jigsaw puzzle diagram to make a positive impression on your audience. This PowerPoint template is often used to show the interconnectivity of teams, processes, operations and efficiencies. You can also use this template to show duties assigned to each team, roles and responsibilities.

All of the slides in this template are modern in style and can be used with your other templates for teamwork presentations or action plans. The first slide is presented as a colored puzzle and a text box on the right side of the slide. You can use this slide to prepare a project progress report. Each part of the color plan will be responsible for its own stage, which can be sequential or parallel processes. On the right side of the slide, you can indicate the percentage of completion for each stage. For example, you describe the process of assembling an engine or a car. You can indicate that the spars and frames are 85% complete, the tail and elevator assembly is 74% complete, the engine is 56% complete, the wings, ailerons, and flaps are 92% complete. The second slide can be used by the team leader or project manager when presenting the team members who will be working on the project. Each of them has its own unique skills, but only together they give the result, by analogy with a puzzle, a holistic picture. You can describe the core skills and ownership percentage for each of the team members. The next slide can be applied in their work by sales leaders and sales managers. You can use it when preparing a sales report and use the slide when describing the key customers of the company. For each of the key customers, you can give a short description and its share in the total sales of the firm. You can also use this slide to categorize customers by industry and show the distribution of sales by the industry on the slide. The final slide consists of six puzzles, a pie chart, and a text box on the right side of the slide. You can use this slide when analyzing sales of your product across different regions of the country. Also, this slide can be used by marketers and employees of advertising firms when preparing a report on the past advertising campaign. You can show on the slide the distribution of users who responded to the ad offer, by age category and gender. The slides of this template can be used by business trainers to prepare their courses on teamwork and financial analysis. The slides of this template can be used by HR managers to prepare corporate policy information for a company.

Designed in a creative puzzle format, this PowerPoint template is colorful, editable and has direct call-outs. Ideal for startups, small businesses and large enterprises, this template allows you to stress the importance of your message through iconography, color-coded categories, short takeaways and descriptions. The puzzle pieces are interlocking to show connection points and disconnection points — alerting teams of key consistencies and inconsistencies in your business approach. All icons, colors and text are customizable so that you can tailor messaging to unique business needs.