Hexagonal Venn Diagram

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Product details

Hexagonal Venn Diagram Template is creatively designed template to epitomize the overlapping and unique aspects of different business proposals, investments and contracts. These similarities and differences of proposals shown in the form of overlapping hexagons make the decision making process very convenient. This hexagonal Venn diagram template consists of four differently designed slides which can serve this purpose. First two slides have overlapping hexagons while the last two don’t overlap. So those can be used to list down features of a new product, benefits associated with a new proposal, salient features of a business and much more business aspects. 

Hexagonal Venn diagram template can prove very beneficial for business and industry presentations where comparison of different proposals is under consideration. Such comparisons where both similarities and unique features are displayed ensure the engagement of audience and the presenter can easily deliver what he/she wants to. The slides of this template are perfectly editable and customizable. Number of overlapping hexagons can also be edited. For presentations in front of management for decision making, it is a very professional approach to depict comparison of different proposals with Hexagonal Venn Diagram template. The comparison makes it facile for decision makers to choose appropriate choice.