Concentric Circles

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You can use of concentric circles for product development, mergers and acquisitions, and other contexts related to team design, etc. Using the same concept for career development makes a lot of sense.

It does not matter what function you operate in- Sales, product development, finance, marketing, cashier, and so on. It is a simple way to think about skill development, expansion, and acquisition. The center circle is the core capability or capabilities required to do a job. You are just starting out in sales. The core capability could be that you can explain the product or service you are selling in a matter of fact way. You understand the thing and you can explain it clearly to someone.

Once you have mastered that core capability, it is time to move outward to the next circle, which may be acquiring a greater level of business acumen. You know what you are selling, and now you need to know how that impacts the person you are selling it to. How it impacts their life or business and be able to articulate it well. Master that, then move outward to the next ring.

Maybe the next skill to acquire is storytelling. To take your knowledge of the product or service, your understanding of the impact to the customer’s life or business, and then marry those things in a well crafted story that connects emotionally and gets justified rationally. Third ring – maybe that is acquiring the skill of managing people. If your path is to go from sales rep to sales manager, you will need to have this skill in your concentric circles at some point.

There may be instances where you even go back to an earlier skill to refresh and re-master it versus moving outward as a next step. Never hurts to sharpen the saw in all areas. Map out your concentric circles for your particular role and career development aspirations. It might be helpful to see it on paper.

This template will be useful for analysts and financiers. You can use the slides in this template to prepare your company’s cost analytics. Also, you can imagine the main parameters that will affect the company’s profit.

Business trainers and educators can use the slides from this template when preparing their courses. For example, you might want to use the slides in this template in your management effectiveness stories or influencer circles.

Marketers and advertisers can use this template when preparing information about how to influence customer purchasing power through social media or various advertising distribution channels.

Concentric Circles is a professional and modern template that contains five stylish and fully editable slides. You can independently change the size and type of fonts, position and size of infographics according to your corporate requirements. This template will be useful for analysts, financiers, marketers. Concentric Circles template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.