IT Roadmap

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An IT roadmap is a type of technology roadmap that a business uses to develop and share a strategic-level plan for IT initiatives at the organization, such as migrating the company’s data to a new cloud system or upgrading the organization to a new enterprise software platform.

There are several common types of IT roadmaps, including – Enterprise IT roadmap, IT project roadmap, IT architecture roadmap, Engineering IT roadmap.

IT roadmaps differ from product roadmaps in one primary respect. Whereas a product roadmap communicates strategic plans that will affect how the company interacts with its customers and the market in general, an IT roadmap communicates plans that will directly affect only the company’s internal systems and processes.

In fact, some companies even share their product roadmaps with the public. The audience for an IT roadmap, by contrast, is almost always comprised only of a company’s internal teams, such as the IT department itself, or the operations department, or the company’s executive staff.

Organizing your IT or operation’s team’s projects and objectives into the strategic-level view will help your team to more easily identify those items that align with your company’s broader strategic goals, those that don’t, and to prioritize resources accordingly.

When your IT team is able to view its departmental projects and objectives from a strategic-level vantage point (which a roadmap can provide), they will be in a better position to clear away those tasks and systems that are costing the organization money.

Finally, when your IT/ops teams have an at-a-glance view of their strategic responsibilities to the company, they are much more likely to stay on top of mission-critical items that could disrupt the organization’s technology backbone.

IT executives can use the slides of this template when developing business processes or preparing a company development strategy. For example, you can present the stages of implementation of the strategy, indicating the main activities and performers. Project managers can use this template when preparing project progress and status information.

Startups can prepare an IT Roadmap, which will ensure the promotion of a new product, for discussion with investors. University educators can use the slides in this template to prepare courses on creating roadmaps or project management strategies.

Engineers can use this template to prepare a plan for refurbishment of production facilities and the use of new technologies in the management of production lines. Crisis managers can use the slides in this template to prepare their strategy for moving to the cloud and reducing data processing and storage costs.

IT Roadmap is a professional and modern template that will help you create a professional and stylish presentation. If necessary, you can change the font size, font type, color, and position of the infographic to suit your corporate needs. This template will be useful for IT companies, startups, project managers. The IT Roadmap template will seamlessly complement your presentations and will be a great addition to your collection of professional presentations.