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Every project has its issues. Issues being problems that arise during the execution of the project. Plan as thoroughly as you like, you’re still going to face problems, even if you use project planning software.

Risks are a bit different than issues, risks are issues that have not happened yet. By identifying what risks are probable, you can prepare for them and have a response in place if and when they show up in your project.

But once the plan is in place, and you have detailed all the risks likely to occur over the life cycle of the project, the next step is having a system in place to monitor and track the risks that might happen, and the issues that do. That is called risk or issue management. But you can take that management even further by using what is called a RAID log.

The RAID Log template is used to give an overview of several project information in one place allowing project managers to track risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.

RAID LOG focuses on four key areas:

  1. Risks – Events that have an adverse impact if they occur
  2. Assumption – Things you assume are in place which contributes to the success of the project
  3. Issues – Current matters that need to be considered and addressed by the group
  4. Dependencies – Other projects or triggers that your project depends on, or are a beneficiary of your project outcomes.

With risks, you list those that think might occur over the life cycle of the project. For each of the risks you note the probability of it actually happening. Then write what actions you plan to take if it does show up and how those actions will resolve it. Each risk should be given an owner who is responsible for catching the risk if it becomes an issue, and for implementing the plan to resolve it.

As you can see, a RAID log is merely a method for keeping all this information organized and easily managed during the project. It is not hard to learn but it can be somewhat of a hurdle to clear at first.

The information in the RAID log template is displayed in the color-coded dashboard and categorized into Risk, Assumption, Issues, and Dependencies. The RAID LOG template is well-designed with modern layouts and infographics for the business presentations. Ideal for team leads, project teams, and managers, audit consultants, etc.

This template will be useful for project managers in preparation for meeting with team members. You can discuss the new project in detail and determine the deadlines, responsible persons at each stage, risks and ways to minimize them. Educators and business coaches can use this template when preparing their courses on risk management or project management.

CEOs can use the slides from this template to prepare for the strategic shareholder session and prepare the company’s strategy for the next few years. Crisis managers can use this template to prepare a report on the elimination of the causes of losses in the company and identify risks that could worsen the financial situation.

The template is 100% editable and customizable as per your requirements. You can change the color, text, resize icons and shapes to suit your preference. Use this RAID log PowerPoint template to give the best practice for effective project management. This template contains all the tools you need to design a professional and stylish risk management presentation. The slides in this template will organically complement and update your old presentations.