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The scope of work might be the most important part of a construction agreement. Without a defined scope of work, there is no way to know what work must be done. That means it is incredibly important to establish the scope when contracting to show what tasks must be done, and who is responsible for those tasks. Effective a scope of work should include things like project objectives, schedule/milestones, individual tasks, deliverables, payment information, expected outcomes, terms, conditions, and requirements. Clear wording and terminology go a long way to minimize the risks of disputes, claims, and litigation. Scope of Work Template will allow you to structure your data and you will definitely not miss anything when discussing a project.

The template consists of several slides that are united by one style and complement each other. The first slide makes it possible to characterize the project, company, market, and describe the main competitors. In the last column, you indicate the results that you plan to get at the end of the project. The slide can be used as one of the options for building a supply chain. For example, when delivering goods from China to the USA. The first column describes the terms of production of the goods, the next loading of the goods and delivery to the port, the third column is the time of delivery by ship to the USA port, the fourth customs clearance and delivery to the main warehouse, the last delivery of the goods to the final consumer.

The second slide is presented in four blocks. The first block of the task, the next project participants, the third final result, the last cost of the work performed. The slide is ideal for creating a software product or website. IT specialists perfectly understand how important it is to register everything in the scope of work.

The next slide makes it possible to display, in percentage terms, the completion of each individual task in the project and the implementation of the project as a whole. This tool allows you to see which task is holding back the overall execution of the project. For example, this is very important in the construction industry. One of the contractors should have already finished the second floor and started building ancillary facilities. The second contractor was to start painting the walls, laying the parquet flooring, and doing the electrical wiring. The third contractor at that moment was supposed to start shipping furniture and household appliances. You can see that the first contractor was delayed by one week. Then you can immediately warn other contractors about the shift in their start of work by one week. This will save you huge amounts of money.

The fourth slide gives you the opportunity to display the main tasks of your project and give a brief description of the project.

Scope of Work Template offers you great tools to prepare a great work plan. This template is a must-have for all construction companies, architectural firms, software companies, advertising agencies, and anyone who interacts with a large number of third-party organizations.