Earning Statement

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The earnings statement is a standard financial accounting document that outlines the revenues and expenses in a given reporting period. Performance is generally measured in terms of net profit or loss. An earnings statement, along with the statement of cash flows and balance sheet, is one of the three major financial accounting documents published by companies. The earnings statement provides a summary of the revenues (income) and expenses (costs) incurred by a company over time. Typically, statements are published by publicly held companies on a quarterly or annual basis. The statement is usually divided into an operating and non-operating section. Non-operating items are usually non-recurrent events, extraordinary items or those associated with discontinued operations. Revenues and costs associated with operating items are of interest to creditors, analysts and investors since they provide insights into the ability of the company to operate profitably. For individuals, earnings statements classically accompany pay checks, showing employees how much money, they made, and how much was deducted. In both cases, the document is designed to be as clear and as open as possible so that people understand how a company arrived at net income or pay, given the original gross income or pay. In a company earnings statement, the document includes the gross intake, along with all of the expenses carried by the company during the period covered by the statement. The bottom line of the statement shows the net profit, the amount of money which the company actually earned after all of its expenses. Expenses can vary from basic overhead costs to the cost of a new acquisition, and shareholders are usually interested in the amount of expenses because they can indicate whether or not the company is being run responsibly. A personal earnings statement like that seen in a pay check will provide basic information about how many hours someone worked and at what rate, and it will list the deductions for company health insurance, taxes, retirement accounts, and so forth. Many earnings statements also show employees how many sick and vacation days they have accrued. The bottom line of this statement shows the net or take-home pay which the employee is entitled to after all of the deductions.

The Earning Statement template will primarily be useful for financial analysts and accountants. You can use this template when providing information on the financial performance of a company for a quarter or a year. Also, this template will be useful for startups when preparing information about the activities of their company when meeting with investors. Also, this template will be useful for HR managers when preparing a report on the average salary of company employees. Employees can use this template to analyse their personal earnings throughout the year. Earning Statement template will be useful for teachers of accounting courses. Crisis managers and CFOs can use this template when analysing company performance.