Employee Conflict Resolution

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Workplace conflicts happen everywhere, and ignoring them can be costly. Every unaddressed conflict wastes about eight hours of company time in gossip and other unproductive activities. Now multiply that by all the issues not being resolved. Employee Conflict Resolution Template can solve the problem of conflicts.

The template allows you to visualize the main causes of conflicts between employees and identify ways to resolve them. Various design solutions help you convey to the audience the causal relationships of the conflict. At first, employees experience discomfort, then an incident occurs, then a misunderstanding and, ultimately, a crisis. On the last slide, you have the opportunity to describe up to 8 reasons that cause conflicts or describe ways to reduce the risks of conflicts. Your main goal is to draw the audience’s attention to this problem. Employees need to understand that they are wasting their time and company time instead of being productive.

The template uses bright colors and large icons that immediately draw attention to the problem of conflicts. Interaction between slides allows you to consistently lead the audience to a problem solution. Using this template, you can brainstorm with your team and jointly identify the causes of conflicts that are specific only to your company. HR managers must have an Employee Conflict Resolution Template in their collection. They are constantly faced with the problem of conflicts and they just need a good tool to solve this problem.