Communication Matrix

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A communication matrix is ​​an assessment tool designed to pinpoint exactly how an individual is communicating and to provide a framework for determining logical communication goals. It allows you to think through how to communicate most efficiently and effectively to the various constituents. There can be many types of customers, users, vendors, managers, and stakeholders. First determine what people or groups of people you want to include in the Communication Matrix. For each of the stakeholders identified above, determine what their communications needs are. Determine how much effort is required for each of the communication ideas surfaced previously. Some of the activities might be relatively easy to perform. Others will require more effort. The Communication Matrix template provides you with professional tools to prepare your meeting plan.

The first slide is presented as a table. The columns of the table contain identify stakeholders, identify assessment, plan communication, engage stakeholders. In the rows of the spreadsheet, you write your goals and outcomes. This table is a very handy tool that allows you to structure your meeting plan and make it easy to understand. This slide can be used to assign tasks to employees. After changing the names of the rows and columns, you can use it when preparing events for an advertising campaign. The second slide consists of five blocks – stakeholders, communication, frequency, responsibility, notes. The slide can be used to describe the functional responsibilities of an employee or the main stages of a project. You can also use this slide when describing the business processes of the company. The next slide gives you the opportunity to draw up a meeting plan in which you will identify key points of contact, goals, and outcomes. The slide will be useful for sales managers when preparing a report on a meeting with clients. The last slide is presented in five blocks that will allow you to prepare a report on the meeting with suppliers and the results achieved at that meeting. The slides of this template are universal in their use and can be easily added to your old presentations.

Communication Matrix template follows the latest design trends. Like the rest of our templates, you can customize this template and make the changes you need. The template will be useful to all employees whose work is related to business trips and negotiations. Using this template, you will always be ready to negotiate. You will know exactly what and how to speak at the meeting, what questions need to be asked, what end results this meeting should bring to you. The template will be useful for managers of different departments of the company when drawing up a plan of meetings with employees. Also, the template can be used by team leaders and project managers in their daily work. The template will also be useful for school and university teachers, and business coaches when planning their lessons and training.