Architecture Solution

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Today’s disruptive technologies are pushing enterprises into a new age of architecture solutions. The primary goal for this overarching framework is to align application capabilities with business requirements. For technologists, engineers and management looking to easily transform their technology structures along with business goals, this template can help you visualize the path forward. Solution architecture is comprised of several complex processes and sub-processes. It plays a central role in an organization’s efforts to introduce and successfully implement new technology solutions. In the first step, solution architecture specialists closely look at how the different elements of business, information and technology can be applied to solve a specific problem. Next, they propose a combination of building blocks that provides the best possible fix. This process is very detail-oriented and serves as a connecting piece between enterprise architecture and technical architecture. It also requires a breadth of knowledge in the technical and business inner workings of the company. After solution architects have designed a solution for an existing problem, it is their job to manage the tasks and activities that are involved with its successful implementation. During the entire process, the specialists oversee all technological risks and make sure that the described solution proves to be consistent while meeting all the necessary requirements.  Thus, in their assigned role, solution architects most resemble project managers who make sure that everyone involved, including the stakeholders, are on the same page and move into the right direction throughout all phases.

The Architecture Solution template will be primarily useful for managers of enterprises and firms. You can use the slides in this template to prepare a long-term strategy for your company. For example, you can visualize the functional relationships between different departments of the company or visualize the interaction of different services when working on a large project. Also, this template will be useful for startups when preparing for a meeting with investors. Project managers can also use this template in their day to day work. IT specialists can use this template when preparing the structure of the work of various teams of programmers on a large information project. Business trainers and university professors can use the slides from this template to prepare their courses on functional communication in the company or project management. Human resources managers can use the slides in this template to prepare company structure information. You can use the slides when introducing new specialists and employees to the corporate culture of the company.

Available in four colourful and distinct designs, this template includes flow charts, a legend for color-coded categories, circular diagrams indicating sequences. The first slide maps out various enterprise technologies, which can be updated to reflect your unique framework. The second slide takes a color-coded approach to mapping business architecture, information architecture, technology architecture, data architecture and application architecture. The third slide offers multiple team perspectives, including management and operations, implementation, technical, functional and business. The fourth slide shows sequencing and order from business analysis to solution operation. If necessary, you can independently change the size, colour and position of blocks, infographics and text on the slides of this template. With this 100% editable template, you can convey the concepts in a simple, straightforward manner to both technical and non-technical audiences. The Architecture Solution template will complement your existing professional presentations and take its rightful place in your business presentation collection.