Continuous Improvement Kaizen

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Some companies, achieving success, continue to develop it. Others, after their meteoric rise, will face the same rapid decline. What helps these companies consistently be the first? Continuous improvement Kaizen is an approach to understand the business reality that targeting and achieving smaller but continuous goals can result in a bigger and positive change. Either for the company or the market, the concept of Kaizen applies to both.  Completely editable and customizable, this continuous improvement kaizen template comprises of 4 slides. This template is designed in a modern style and uses stylish infographics. If necessary, you can independently change the font sizes and color of the infographics so that this template will organically fit into your presentations. It remains in use for Commercial purposes; presentations and proposals in Industrial Sectors, National and Multi-National companies, Health Sectors and Technology Development areas. It is also used for Academic purposes in research or thesis development procedures.

The first slide consists of six rectangular boxes, represented in contrasting combination of colors and each linked to a common region of focus, the concept of Pure Improvement.  This slide will primarily be useful to all production workers. It was in Toyota production that this system of continuous improvement arose. For example, a shop or team leader can make changes to their production processes based on their observations and work practices. They can share this technique through this slide, formulating key messages for other teams in the plant. Product managers can use this slide when preparing a methodology for testing a new product. For example, you can describe the processes that need to be performed on a product and repeat the steps with minor process adjustments. The second slide is more of a hexagonal representation of the same concept with description boxes alongside. This slide gives you the opportunity to outline the key messages for the next milestones – know your customer, the core of Kaizen, be transparent, let it flow, go to Gemba, empower people. You can also use it when describing the actions that are required to achieve the company’s goal. The next slide differs from the previous one in a richer color scheme and a more stylish icon design. You can use this slide to optimize processes in your company. For example, you can use this slide to describe the processes for delivering products that reduce delivery costs and shorten delivery times. For example, you describe your suppliers and your interactions with them, and how you can reduce storage costs by unloading a large vehicle directly into small vans for delivery around town. The fourth slide is a bit different. It contains four rectangular boxes namely Plan, Do, Act and Study. However, the core concept remains the same. To gather a list of problems, get your employees involved, encourage solution ideas, test, analyze results, adopt the successful proposal and repeat. This slide can be used by business coaches in their personal growth programs. Also, this slide can be used by team leaders in their weekly meetings with programmers. You can prepare a description of the processes that are repeated with each development of the software product and discuss with team members how to improve the processes at each stage. This template will be a worthy addition to your collection of presentation templates.