Atmosphere Layers Diagram

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If you study the layers of the Earth or teach a course in geography, then you probably faced the problem of the complexity of the perception of this topic by students. For easier perception of information about the stratosphere, exosphere, thermosphere, their visual presentation is necessary. Many schools and even more so universities practice using presentations for easier perception of information by students. This is what our template is for. You can use it in your lectures and demonstrate to students the transitions from one earthly sphere to another. The template uses modern infographics and follows the latest design trends.

The first slide consists of a semi-circular shaped atmosphere diagram with 5 divisions. Namely, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. With a starry background and appropriate doodle art/figures, it perfectly explains the use of each layer. You can use this slide as an introductory slide before the slides that describe each area in more detail. This slide may be useful for primary school teachers. Also, this slide can be used in planetariums for the preparation of materials about the Earth and its spheres. The second slide is also similar to the first one however in an oval shape. With dialogue boxes at the top-right for stating the facts and figures, it contains a lot of room for explanation. You can use this slide to prepare your homework or geography abstract. Using this slide will improve the student’s perception of the material. The third slide consists of a description box at the left with atmosphere layers diagram alongside, vertically. In addition to the applications of each layer, this template also describes the distance between each layer from the surface of the earth. Also on the left side of this slide there is a text block that allows you to describe in detail the main points of the lecture. This slide can be used by environmentalists when preparing their reports. You can describe the issue of carbon dioxide emissions and the process of global warming. The fourth slide is the same as the third one but in a horizontal manner and two description boxes at the left. This slide, unlike the previous ones, has two blocks for description. This allows for a more structured presentation of the lecture material. Also, this slide can be used to explain the entry of a satellite or spacecraft into Earth orbit. You can add it to your other slides about the nature of the Earth. For example, when explaining the topic of the sun and how its rays reach our planet or what could happen if our planet’s ozone layer continues to degrade.

This atmosphere layers diagram template is very simple yet sophistically made with fun doodles. Ultimately making it much easier to understand for the audience. Consisting of 4 slides, this atmosphere layer template is completely editable. If necessary, you can make some changes yourself and edit the template slides for your main presentation. Better suited for academic use, it provides the students with a unique perspective to understand different regions of the sky in a much simpler manner with their uses and limitations. The Atmosphere Layers Diagram template will primarily be useful to all teachers and teachers of geography and natural history in schools and universities.